About Me

Welcome to Aussie Bookkeeping Basics!

My name is Deb. I’m a teacher-turned-bookkeeper, passionate about helping other Aussie business owners understand financial concepts.

I have many years of hands-on experience in the Australian small business landscape, and understand the challenges and triumphs that can come with running a small business Down Under. Prior to starting my own small business in 2015, I worked as an employee for small business owners in administration and accounts.

For years, I kept answering the same kinds of questions from my bookkeeping clients, like:

“Why don’t I have money in my account, when the accounting system tells me my business made a profit?”

“What is the BEST accounting system?”

“When do I need to register for GST?”

“How do I go about employing my first employee?”

I realised that if my clients were asking these questions, then there were surely loads of more people who were seeking answers to the same questions! And thus the Aussie Bookkeeping Basics course was born!

I believe that knowledge leads to empowerment – that when Aussie business owners understand their business finances, they can then make informed decisions in their businesses and for their families. 

Knowing your numbers is a game changer in your business. It gives you the power to make informed decisions, not just hope that all will be OK in the end.