Know all the Aussie Bookkeeping Basics (and more) with Deb Rowling

get all the bookkeeping understanding you need To know your business numbers

Know your numbers…
… so you can know your business’ financial position at any stage and know if you can afford to buy that fancy keyboard in the EOFY sales.

Are you an Australian small business owner and you...

… feel like you want to vomit when you think about your business books?

… feel like you’re reading a different language when you read stuff about finances online?

… want to be able to understand your business numbers without learning a new language?

… want to feel confident with being able to buy shiny new things for your business without leaving yourself with no money in the bank?

Then this is the course for you!

Payment systems

learn all about financial systems

What are common options for accepting money from customers? What are the pros and cons of each?

aussie bookkeeping basics

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forms and processes

get the nitty gritty on all the forms and processes you need

Where can I find forms and information on... employing someone... claiming superannuation contributions? (Bonus checklists to help keep you on top of your business bookkeeping)

Aussie Bookkeeping basics

I need this!

accounting systems

learn all about the different accounting systems

What is the best accounting software … for MY business? What are some common options for accounting software, and what are their strengths?

Aussie bookkeeping basics


finance professionals

Which Financial professionals you need in your business and their different roles

What is a financial professional (Bookkeeper, BAS Agent, Tax Agent, Accountant etc.)? When and why might someone want to engage their help in their business?

Aussie Bookkeeping basics

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understanding financial reports

Take a deep dive into financial reporting and get to know what you need

What is a Profit & Loss, and what is a Balance Sheet? What information do certain financial reports give me about my business?

aussie bookkeeping basics



what is GST and how, when and why we report

What is GST? When do I need to register for GST? What are my obligations once I’ve registered for GST?

Aussie Bookkeeping basics


Before you hire your first employee

Find out what hiring staff entails

What information do I need to provide to my first employee? What are my obligations as an employer?

aussie bookkeeping basics


Business Structures

what's the most appropriate business structure for you

What are the different types of business structures (sole trader, company, trust, partnership etc.)? What are the similarities and differences between business structures?

Aussie Bookkeeping basics



not sure how to make things more streamlined?

What other software might I be using (or want to use in the future) that could be integrated with my accounting system? How would integrating certain types of software with my accounting system, benefit my business?

aussie bookkeeping basics



financial lingo

How can understand what a specific term like 'reconciliation' means?

Aussie Bookkeeping basics


Hi, I’m Deb.
I’m a qualified teacher and now a bookkeeper and BAS Agent with over 10 years of experience in bookkeeping

I’m passionate about helping Australian business owners understand their business finances, so you can make informed decisions in your business.
The mix of my expertise in education and bookkeeping combines to make me the ideal person to teach Aussie business owners how to understand their business finances (without needing to learn another language). I break down complex financial concepts (that make most people flee) into digestible, easy-to-understand language that makes people feel at ease.
Thanks to my experience in education, I translate the complex financial lingo into plain Australian English for you, so you can breathe a sigh of relief (rather than feel a panic attack coming on before you’ve even started).


Grow your financial confidence and get a much-needed boost with the Aussie Bookkeeping Basics course.

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From a teacher turned bookkeeper with over 10 YEARS experience, you know you are in good hands.

Anytime, Anywhere

Access is as for as long as the course is offered on my website, so you always have the option to come back when you need to know new things.

Are you a business owner with no idea about your numbers?

Then this is the course you need!

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Aussie Bookkeeping Basics

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So... you have questions?

Aussie Bookkeeping Basics is a foundational program.
It’s for Australians who have a passion and are considering starting their own business AS WELL AS those who already run their own small business and want to understand their numbers so they can make informed decisions.
You have lifetime access!
All of the Aussie Bookkeeping Basics content can be started or accessed at any time after you have signed up. I want YOU to be able to come back and use the course content as a reference guide.
If you sign up, and then later on realise that you want a refresh on payment systems, you can come back and look at that lesson again. Or if you are a sole trader and decide you want to employ someone later on, you can come back and look at the section on Before you hire your first employee.
Anytime. Anywhere.

You will get access to the course immediately upon purchase. We’ll send you a link with all the information you need to be able to login and get started!

I get it – running your own business is HARD WORK. Wearing all the hats is exhausting.
The Aussie Bookkeeping Basics course is a self-paced implementation program, meaning you can work as many or as little hours as your schedule allows. There is no rush to complete the program in any set timeframe.
You can come and go as you please (like a small child imagines the pantry or fridge), and complete things in your own time, at your own pace.
There will be fortnightly webinars held, to help answer any questions you might have (don’t stress – you’ll get access to the replays so you can watch them anytime), and introduce you to the next topic. However, there is absolutely NO pressure.
I get it – finding money right now to pay for awesome things (even things that you can possibly claim as a deduction in your tax return) is hard. The cost of living has made all the belts of small business owners much tighter.
So, I have made it even easier for you to join this fabulous program – monthly and fortnightly payment plans are available!
I’m passionate about helping people (you probably already know that!), and support is just an email or message away. I’m here if there’s something you’re not quite understanding, or need explained in a different way, or if you have a question about how that information specifically relates to you in your circumstances, or even if you need help naming your newly-adopted cat.
I also hold regular Zoom meetings where you can come and ask your questions and get support.
Outside of the Zoom meetings, the best way to get support is to email That way I will see your message and be able to respond as quickly as possible.