Are you feeling a sense of hurtling towards the end of the financial year and *know* that you are going to be snowed under with all the things you need to do with your numbers?

Oh my word, do I hear ya!

SO many busness owners are saying the same thing.

They don’t know what they need to be paying attention to or what they need to be actioning first. Lots of them are not sure if they have made a profit or not!

Is this you too?

Come and join me as I unpack all this and more on the 5 GREAT TIPS FOR A STRESS FREE END OF FINANCIAL YEAR WEBINAR!

I'd love to help you!

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5 great tips for a stress free end of finaNcial year

All the important deets


Monday 17th June


10am Brisbane time

How long:

About 30 minutes


Online – A zoom link will be emailed to you

What it will cover:


Learn why having all your receipts in the glove box of your car is not a great choice

When just knowing the bank balance is not enough

Money sharing – why it’s a really big no no. 

The challenges that arise when taking a “she’ll be right” attitude, and why it’s going to cost you money

How to not stuff up yor tax return

icon About

My mission is to give you reliable relevant info without feeling like you need to learn a new language


I’M deb, bookkeeper and course creator for small business women who want to navigate their numbers confidently

So many businesswomen that I speak to really struggle when it comes to their finances.  They find themselves bamboozled by where to find accurate information and are so worried to make a mistake, in case it costs them a lot of money!

I found that it put a lot of women into a sense of paralysis, not knowing which way to turn to get information that was for the Australian financial system, as well as for a smaller business that a lot of women run! 
I could no longer sit on the sidelines and watch these amazing women suffer.  I wanted to do something to help.  I had all the information and the expertise as a bookkeeper, coupled with my teaching degree. 

Through this, Aussie Bookkeeping Basics was born.